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Real-Time Client Feedback

  • Thanks for the translations, which were of high quality.

    12/02/16 19:45
    V.G., Munich
  • Thank you for the translation, which was very good.

    10/02/16 14:32
    A.M., Bern
  • Please thank your translator for this excellent translation.

    03/02/16 10:02
    A.M., Bern
  • Thank you for this very fine translation!

    28/01/16 13:01
    C.S., Brussels
  • Thanks for the text and the comments. They are very helpful!

    25/01/16 13:26
    L.L. Luxembourg
Welcome to Linguanet!
Welcome to Linguanet! PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the website of Linguanet sprl, a leading translation provider based in Brussels, Belgium. 


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"We have been working with Linguanet for over 15 years and in many languages, including  Dutch, French, German and English. We have always been very pleased with the quality of the work provided and with Linguanet's highly professional and competent approach.

Linguanet is well organised, communicative and supportive. We can always count on them to deliver high-quality translations when we need them.

Linguanet is one of our leading suppliers of translations and we look forward to working with Linguanet for many more years to come."


Sandra Diaz
AGC Flatglass Europe
Brussels, Belgium

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