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Real-Time Client Feedback

  • Thank you very much for your excellent copy-editing of the document.

    20/05/16 05:51
    M.C., Brussels
  • Merci pour le feedback rapide en effet. Je suis content que cela impacte la qualité de notre offre !

    20/05/16 05:50
    F.S., Brussels
  • Thanks a lot. That was really quick!

    19/05/16 09:19
    V.M., Brussels
  • Thank you for another excellent translation.

    18/05/16 13:47
  • Many thanks! Thank you for the swift and good translation!

    18/05/16 05:11
    M.R., Brussels
Welcome to Linguanet!
Welcome to Linguanet! PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the website of Linguanet sprl, a leading translation provider based in Brussels, Belgium. 


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"Once again you came through for us and delivered your usual excellent, highly professional work. Well done! It's great to know that when we give you an important job (and of course, they are all important!), we can rest assured that you will deliver a top-quality product and will do so on time, every time. That's why Linguanet is our number one supplier of English translations."

Rudy Aernoudt

Kabinet van de Viceminister-president en Vlaams minister van Economie,
Ondernemen, Wetenschap, Innovatie en Buitenlandse Handel"
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