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Real-Time Client Feedback

  • Thank you very much for the translation and timely delivery!

    02/09/14 04:42
    B.P., Brussels
  • Thank you so much. You did, as always, a great job! Thank you!

    01/09/14 07:32
    M.P., Luxembourg
  • Thank you for the translation and the remark!

    25/08/14 07:08
    A.C., Brussels
  • Thank you very much. You’ve done a great job!

    22/08/14 12:25
    M.P., Luxembourg
  • Le texte est parfait tel que vous l’avez révisé.Merci !

    19/08/14 10:14
    J.-P. O., Brussels
Welcome to Linguanet!
Welcome to Linguanet! PDF Print E-mail

Welcome to the website of Linguanet sprl, a leading translation provider based in Brussels, Belgium. 


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The Flemish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (VCKK) is very pleased with the services provided by Linguanet.

Recently, Linguanet rewrote and reworked the English text for an important book publishing project, resulting in a unified, harmonious text.  

We have no  doubt that Linguanet's input contributed to the book's success.

VCKK still works regularly with Linguanet and would like to thank everyone there for their efficient, high-quality work.


Gwenn Sonck

Flemish-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (VCKK)