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Real-Time Client Feedback

  • Thank you very much for your excellent copy-editing of the document.

    20/05/16 05:51
    M.C., Brussels
  • Merci pour le feedback rapide en effet. Je suis content que cela impacte la qualité de notre offre !

    20/05/16 05:50
    F.S., Brussels
  • Thanks a lot. That was really quick!

    19/05/16 09:19
    V.M., Brussels
  • Thank you for another excellent translation.

    18/05/16 13:47
  • Many thanks! Thank you for the swift and good translation!

    18/05/16 05:11
    M.R., Brussels
Welcome to Linguanet!
Welcome to Linguanet! PDF Imprimer Envoyer

Welcome to the website of Linguanet sprl, a leading translation provider based in Brussels, Belgium. 


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"ETUC  (European  Trade  Union  Confederation)  has  been  working  with Linguanet  for  around  17  years  in many  languages,  including  Dutch,  French, German, English and Spanish.
Linguanet  has  consistently  provided  us  with  high-quality  translations  within the requested deadlines. In fact, Linguanet goes out of the way to help us meet urgent deadlines whenever  they arise. We have always been very pleased with the  quality  of  the  work  provided  and  with  their  extremely  professional  and competent staff.  "


Maria Helena André
Deputy General Secretary
European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC)